#80 Unique Hammond on Healing from Autoimmune Diseases (and More) with The Bean Protocol

Today, I want to talk about something that I haven’t spoken much about yet here on the podcast: health.

Taking care of my health is my #1 priority in life. I know that, without my health, everything else suffers.

Throughout my adult life so far, I’ve tried everything under the sun in terms of health protocols. When I was younger, some of these things worked well for me, but in recent years, they only seemed to make some inflammatory/autoimmune symptoms I have worse. Things changed when I learned of Unique Hammond.

An LA-based holistic nutritionist, Bean Protocol coach, and author, Unique has been on quite a health journey. Ten years ago she was suffering from debilitating Crohn’s disease, which stripped her 5’7” frame down to 90 pounds, with countless trips to the bathroom each day.

Today, at age 45, Unique is a radiant vision of health. Knowing Unique, seeing her, hearing her story, and how she lives her life, expands my vision of what’s possible on my own health journey, especially as I approach my mid-forties, too.

In today’s conversation, Unique shares what the turning point was for her on her healing journey: The Bean Protocol.

When I first heard about The Bean Protocol, it sounded very weird, to be honest. But as I learned more of the science behind it, as well as Unique’s story (and those of others she’s working), I was intrigued.

I’ve been on The Bean Protocol ever since, and, in my conversation with Unique, we speak more about all of this in-depth.

If you’re suffering from hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, autoimmune symptoms, mystery illnesses, liver imbalances, gut or skin issues, mood disorders, or are simply wanting to learn how to use food as medicine to grow older with more grace and ease (including how to reverse the growth of gray hair, naturally), you’ll walk away from today’s conversation with new information and perspectives for your own healing journey.

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