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#79 Guided Meditation: Resting in the Belly Center

Over the years, when I work one-on-one with women, they often share that something they want for their lives, and to gain from working together, is to establish a solid, daily meditation practice.

I love that they want this for themselves and that they see the value in this.

Because if you’re to pick one daily ritual to implement that will have the biggest impact on every area of your life, that is without a doubt a daily, meditation practice.

To help support you with this, I’m going to start sharing some guided meditations here on the podcast.

Today’s is one from a virtual retreat I led in my online spiritual practice community, Women’s House of Wisdom.

In it, we take refuge in our belly centers– known in many spiritual traditions as our “true home.” It’s the seat of our intuition, our wisdom, our highest selves.

May today’s guided meditation be of benefit.

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