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#57 Uncovering the Blazing Truth Within

During the first two weeks of November and December, to celebrate the opening of my year-long programs (A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle), I’m sharing a new series on the podcast called “Dakini’s Den.”

In Tibetan Buddhism, Dakinis are manifestations of Awakening appearing in feminine form. Each of these SHE Talks is an excerpt from the “Dakini’s Den” classes I taught in the 2018 year-long programs; and today’s talk is all about turning into the blazing truth within you.

All the answers to all our problems live inside us. To heal the world, each of us needs to play our part in listening to and then acting on this inner guidance.

Even though it’s the most pleasurable and profound experience one can ever have, we still have tremendous resistance to turning to the blazing truth within us.

May today’s talk inspire you to stop looking for magic “out there” and start shedding limitations to resource the miracle that you already are.

What if what you’re seeking is already right here? Discover simple things you can do to experience your wholeness more often– starting right now. 

Whether you’re brand-new to the feminine spiritual path and Internal Family Systems or have traveled this path for years, these seven, fundamental teachings will help you walk your healing journey more courageously and gracefully.

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