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#49 The Power of Silence

So many are touting the benefits of sleep these days (hallelujah!), so today I’m going to focus on sleep’s less-talked-about sister– silence. Silence is hard to come by these days. From lawn mowers to garbage trucks, traffic to TVs, we’re constantly being bombarded by… noise.

This is one of many the reasons why I offer an annual silent retreat. For seven days, women can undertake a sacred pilgrimage– away from the stresses of their daily lives, to a beautiful place in nature, and into themselves.

To give you a taste of these retreats, over the next few weeks I’m publishing some of the talks I gave at a recent one in our annual, summertime podcast series,“Poolside Sutras.”

Poolside Sutras are intimate, deep teachings — but, since it’s summer (at least here in Colorado!), they’re meant to be enjoyed on-the-go: on your hikes, chilling poolside or at the beach, or to keep you company during that road trip.

The first episode in this series is a talk I gave on the third morning of the silent retreat in Thailand this past February. A little context: we observe silence days on 3-5 (with periods of silence in the mornings and evenings of other days).

Listen in to learn:

  • What powerful, feminine leadership requires
  • About my surprise date with Barack Obama 😉
  • How to write the ultimate script for your life, rooting out belittling, unconscious beliefs
  • Ways to embrace the lost art of “crazy wisdom” to catapult your growth and healing

I believe that retreats like these are one of the very best gifts we can give ourselves. This is why I’ve been offering them annually for the past fifteen years. This is why I invest in them for myself year after year.

I invite you to join me for our next gathering, The SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico from December 1-8, 2018. This is both for women who want to teach and those who simply need a retreat.

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