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#36 The Sudden Death of Your Beloved, from Crisis to Crafting a New Love with Krista Barbour

Heartbreak is a harsh — but incredibly potent — teacher. It carries us straight into our deepest wounds and invites us to heal them, once and for all. It pulls the rug out from under us — and asks us to find our footing amidst the freefall. Heartbreak shatters us — and demands we piece ourselves back together, more whole and holy than before.

One of the most painful pieces of heartbreak is the isolation it brings. I’m on a mission to help shift this by creating a safe space where women share not only the highs of our lives, but, more importantly, the lows.

To help us find a sense of community in our struggles, and to give voice to the losses that we often grieve in silence, I’ve created a special interview series on our podcast called “The Heartbreak Diaries.”

Here, I’ll feature 4 intimate interviews with women who’ve weathered intense heartbreak — and come out the other side even stronger. Today, please enjoy the first interview of this series, with Leadership Trainer and Coach, Krista Barbour.

On an early September morning in 2015, Krista awoke to a flurry of text messages and voicemails on her phone. I’m thinking of you…. Are you okay?!…. I’m here if you need me. Moments later, she learned that her beloved, Mark, passed unexpectedly the night before.

From there, Krista spiralled into the most unimaginable and challenging period of her life. Little did she know that living through that time would also gift her with the most profound, transformative and life-giving growth she’s ever known.

This is the first time Krista has spoken publicly about Mark’s passing; and we’re honored that she chose to share her journey, and all the wisdom she’s claimed from it, with us today.

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