#35 What Every Woman Facing a Tough Transition Needs to Know

Last week we also passed through the milestone of Imbolc. Here in the northern hemisphere, this marks the halfway point between winter and spring. We’re in the time of the year when the seeds deep inside the earth, like all the cells in our bodies, start to turn towards the light.

These seasonal touchstones offer us chances to pause and reflect. Winter–the season of hibernation, gestation, and visioning–urges us to prioritize stillness, inner listening, and patience with what feels gritty and uncomfortable. It’s hard, I know.

Because, even if you’re not experiencing winter geographically, you’re nose-to-nose with transition and uncertainty, and I came across something that I think you’ll find helpful.

Last week we welcomed women between 26 and 65, from 14 countries, into this year’s SHE School. One of the things that I shared with the group this past week was a SHE Talk on our theme for February, “Leaving Your Normal Life.” The first step along our 9-part Heroine’s Journey, the central lesson of this month is that a woman’s initiation into greater wisdom and power always begins with a crisis.

As my team was preparing this audio for our SHE School sisters, they voiced to me that the message I offer in it is so valuable and relevant for the time we’re currently living in that I should share a slice of it with all of you.

So please enjoy, as a gift from me to you, an impromptu podcast episode…..

In the clip from the first month’s talk in this year’s SHE School, you will learn: how to come to terms with our fundamental aloneness and groundlessness; why we need safe harbors during times of transition; a Tibetan prayer that offers an inspiring perspective on your suffering; the disposition every mature woman must take to wake up from the nightmare of addictive accomplishment and perfectionism.

May these teachings offer some salve and strength for your spirit as we step into the second half of this season, together.

And….if you’d still like to partake in this year’s SHE School journey, it’s actually not too late for you to join us!

I can’t wait to support you through whatever transition you’re facing this year. Here’s where to step into The SHE School 2017 http://thesheschool.com

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