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#33 Creating Consistent Morning Rituals… Like Breakfast for Your Soul

Welcome to the first class in our 4-part series, Chaotic Calm: Living from Your Confident Center in Turbulent Times.

In today’s class, I’ll share the exact practices, routines, mini-rituals, and tools I relied on in 2016 — the trial-by-fire year that brought me to my knees.

Whatever kind of initiation you’re facing right now — whether it’s learning to stay sane with a new baby on board, trying to rekindle some sexiness in your long-term relationship, or simply trying to stay connected to yourself so you don’t spiral into exhaustion — you’ll find boundless wisdom here to support you, right away.

Miniature practices create massive transformation. And the best time to start? Is fresh, in the morning …

What if–even when you get up on the wrong side of the bed– you could easily reverse that to the right side of the bed, every day?

So you could move through your meetings and errands and carpools and random run-ins with your ex — feeling totally yourself. Vibrant. Centered. And maybe even a tad glowing.

Because how you start your day determines how you live it. And it all starts with a beautiful, doable morning ritual.

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Here’s to a softer, saner, more spiritually connected you.

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