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#156 How to Stop Spiritual Bypassing & Trust Your Feelings with Alexandra Roxo

Starting at a young age, we’re taught to ignore our body’s signals (like the need to go to the bathroom or drink water). As we get older, the repercussions of silencing our instincts become more and more grave. This can lead us to get (or stay) in harmful relationships, mistrust our feelings, and perpetuate an ever-widening split between our bodies, psyches, and souls. 

Rather than perpetuating this split through spiritual bypassing, it’s time for us women to remember our innate strength to deeply feel– even, and especially, the hard stuff. Today I’m talking with bestselling author, artist, and transformational coach, Alexandra Roxo, about her beautiful new book, Dare to Feel: The Transformational Path of the Heart

In its pages, she guides us to reconnect with the important messages from our souls that ALL of our feelings hold. 

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Episode 156

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