#141  Ayurveda for Daily & Seasonal Self-Care with Claire Ragozzino

Just a week into a new season, it’s the perfect time to revisit our self-care rituals. For me, Ayurveda, India’s sister science to yoga, always best supports me with that. To take us deeper into how we can all use Ayurveda to find more balance this season, I invited Claire Ragozzino to join us. 

Ayurveda is more than just a set of dietary rules; it is a framework for deep self-knowledge and understanding of our bodies, minds, and relationship with nature. Claire shares her personal journey of health challenges and how Ayurveda helped her find balance and healing. From creating consistent routines to incorporating opposite qualities of doshas, Claire provides insightful tips on maintaining well-being. Join us as we delve into Ayurveda’s wisdom and discover how it can bring greater balance to our lives, in this season and beyond.


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