#135 Women Without Kids with Ruby Warrington

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this conversation with you– because there are so few converstaions about or among women without kids.

Today, I’m speaking with Ruby Warrington, the author of the new book, Women Without Kids, as well as the author and creator of Sober Curious. With both of theses creations, she’s also known as an astute cultural commentator and true thought leader. 

I appreciate how Ruby brings much more nuanced, deep thinking and exploration to this topic– from various lifestyle circumstances and choices that go into not having children, to other kinds of legacies, intergenerational trauma and healing, stereotypes busting, and more.

We go into all of this, and more, in today’s conversation. 

Since more and more women are not having children for a multitude of reasons– and there will be more of us aging and maturing on the planet in future years, it’s time we bring more awareness to what  Ruby calls the “rise of the unsung sisterhood.”

Whether you’re a woman with or without kids, please have a listen. This is important! And share it with others too.


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