#128 Shame, Anxiety & Depression Through an IFS Lens with Rina Dubin

Over the next few months, I’m offering a mini-series here on the podcast to help us delve more deeply into Internal Family Systems, or IFS, which as many of you know has become a core part of my work over the past couple of years (and a core part of my own healing journey for the past decade).

If you’re not sure what IFS is, stay tuned. You’ll learn more about it in today’s conversation!

Our particular focus today is on a few states of being that I know can play big roles in all of our lives, in varying ways and degrees: shame, anxiety, and depression.

And I’m inviting an IFS lead trainer and psychologist, Rina Dubin, to lead us into this exploration.

Our conversation offers an overview of IFS, an exploration of the things that we both value about this approach to healing and living, a discussion on leadership, an overview of shame, anxiety, and depression through an IFS lens, a guided experiential to get to know your inner world more intimately, and more.


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