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#120 Creating an IFS Daily Parts Meditation Practice with Michelle Glass

As I support more and more women with Internal Family Systems (IFS), both in 1-1 and group work, one of the most common questions I get is: how do I stay connected with this work, and with my parts, in between our sessions?

In response to this, one of the books I most often recommend to help do this is written by today’s guest.

Michelle Glass is a Certified Level 3 IFS Practitioner and author of the Daily Parts Meditation Practice™: A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists. She first came to IFS to help her heal from a childhood of abuse and complex PTSD and she now uses it to support many others.

In our conversation today, Michelle and I speak about:

  • What her personal journey with IFS was like when she was healing from childhood abuse and complex PTSD
  • Ways that a daily parts meditation practice can support us in our healing journeys
  • What her process was like of writing her book
  • And, Michelle also leads us through an in-depth parts meditation, which I know many of you will want to bookmark and return to again and again.

If you’re curious about IFS, want to learn some more potent and practical tools to connect with the various parts of yourself more regularly, and are needing an infusion of some new wisdom and inspiration into your healing journey, my conversation with Michelle will give you all of these.


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