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#103 Living a Feminine Approach to Spiritual Surrender

Here we are on the equinox, welcoming the season of rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere. In addition to introducing a new name and look to the podcast today, I’m also introducing you to Miranda Macpherson, a true modern-day embodiment of the divine feminine.

Miranda’s an author, teacher with the Shift Network, kirtan musician and singer, and spiritual guide who shares a holistic approach to spiritual surrender and non-dual realization based on the practice of Ego Relaxation. She’s the “real deal”– bringing three decades of teaching experience in what truly works to liberate unnecessary suffering and gain traction on the path of awakening.

In our conversation today we explore everything from major(positive)life shifts Miranda has made during the pandemic, key practices that have been sustaining her during this time, what a feminine approach to non-dual spirituality looks and feels like, how she approached menopause, ways to cultivate more trust in life (especially amidst all that’s erupting in the world right now), and much more.
I know you’ll receive so much from Miranda’s wisdom today. Enjoy.

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