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#101 How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships with Jayson Gaddis

In time for Valentine’s Day, today’s conversation is aimed to help us all have more fulfilling, connected relationships– by turning towards conflict (rather than running in the other direction!).

Plus, today I’m welcoming our first male guest (during the interview I share why I’m shifting towards having mixed genders on the podcast from now on).

Jayson Gaddis, a fellow Boulderite whom I’ve known for many years, is an author and relationship export and coach. He’s joining us to speak about his new book, “Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships.”

We talk about the one thing that has been helping him the most throughout the pandemic, ways to navigate a recent fall-out I had with a friend recently, what the price tag of avoiding conflict is, a few essential skills you can start incorporating right away, and more.

May our conversation be of benefit!

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