#89 The Mysterious Path of Women’s Yoga

Over the next several weeks, I’m sharing a special summer series here on the podcast on the topic of Women’s Yoga & Meditation. In it, I’ll feature interviews with interesting women in the field, as well as replays of well-loved dharma talks I’ve given on these topics over the years.

I’ll share stories from my own life and practice. Hard-won insights and life-changing lessons from my own mentors, answering the most common struggles you asked about when I inquired: “what’s holding you back in your yoga and meditation practice and teaching?”

Today’s episode is all about the mysterious path of women’s yoga. In it, I speak about my humble (unexpected) beginnings, the core differences between masculine and feminine approaches to yoga, and how you can trust the zigs and zags of your own journey, too.

If you enjoy this episode, please consider joining me for my upcoming 200-hour Yoga Alliance Women’s Yoga & MeditationTeacher Training. Happening 100% online this year, it’s now open for registration (with early bird discounts until August 12).

At this unconventional gathering, I’ll share the under-the-hood techniques and principles I’ve used in my own yoga & meditation for two decades — and taught to thousands of women, worldwide. Whether you’re aching to support other women or just deepen your own practice, you’ll find the feminine heart of yoga and meditation there.

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