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#84 10 Things I’ve Learned Over the Past 10 Years (Part 1)

This May marks the 10-year anniversary of the publication of my first book, The Way of the Happy Woman.

One of the ways I’m celebrating is to share two episodes here on the podcast, where I reflect on the ten things I’ve learned over this past decade.

Those of you who have been part of this community during this time know that I’ve been on quite a journey. A journey of tremendous heartbreak, healing, and transformation. In every sense, I’ve had to learn at the deepest level what I’ve been teaching and writing about.

As a result, I’m a very different person than I was ten years ago. And, at the same time, I’m still very much– and even more of– myself.

It was hard to distill all I’ve learned into just ten things, but I did my best! I hope you enjoy part one of this conversation.




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