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#69 Making Beauty from Limitation

I’m happy to be here with you, after a long hiatus over the Northern summer here in the United States.

Since I last connected with you here, I moved from Santa Barbara, California–where I lived for a couple of years–back to Boulder, CO. I’m settled into my new home here and adjusting to life again at 5000 feet above sea level. It feels good and right to be here.

I was packing up and leaving the west coast right as the fires started burning there. I send heartfelt support and care for all who are impacted by the smoke, the fires, the hurricanes, the racial injustice, the pandemic, and the various confluences of all of these factors. To say it’s a lot is an understatement.

May today’s SHE Talk be a place of refuge for you.

This was recorded a couple of weeks ago, on the second day of an online weekend retreat I taught with Shambhala Mountain Center, entitled “Creating a Beautiful Life in Hard Times.”

In this particular talk, I address the need to cultivate a particular flavor of wisdom in these times. And to keep looking for ways to create beauty out of limitation.

If you’re feeling boxed in or restricted in any way(and who isn’t right now?), I hope this talk gives you at least a glimmer of inspiration.


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