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#61 Shifting from “Me” to “We” in Feminine Leadership

Today, in the second-to-last episode in the series, “Dakini’s Den,” I’m sharing a talk on the dangers of being a “solopreneur” and how service and collaboration are the highest forms of feminine leadership.

“Self-Care Isn’t Selfish,” reads one of the sections in my first book, The Way of the Happy Woman.

I wrote those words almost nine years ago, and we women were in a very different place then than we are now.

As I look around today, I see that there’s now too much emphasis on self-care. We’re overly fixated on: How can I get what I want?

How can I get the dream home? The dream car? The dream spouse? The dream job? How can I get more for me?

At the same time, we underestimate our strength. We don’t give as much of ourselves as we’re capable of because we tell ourselves the story: “I’m introverted. I’m sensitive. I’m overwhelmed.”

But here’s the thing: you may be introverted and you may be sensitive, but you’re not fragile. You’re made of all that the Universe is made of– tornadoes and rain forests, tigers and robin’s eggs. You’re all of this and everything in between.

When your self-talk shifts from “This is all too much for me” to “Dear God, please use me,” you’ll begin to see just how strong you really are.

When you ask to be used–and then open yourself to inner guidance for direction– you realize that your role here is to serve the larger whole, not just to focus on yourself.

Today’s episode is a clip from the final class I taught for this year’s mastermind, the SHE Leadership Circle.

And, if you’re looking for a circle of women who will be your mirror, your support, your sisters in 2019 as you fully step into your feminine leadership.

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