#42 Reflections on Turning 40: 7 Things I’ve Never Told You Before

Here we are…the finale of 2017. We made it. I both want to slap this year across the face and hug it tightly and thank it profusely. For breaking me down. For making me strong. For showing me who I am, and who I am not. And for so much more that I don’t have words for yet.

For the past several months I’ve been in a deeply internal place. I’ve gone further inside than any other time in my life. While I’m still inside of this process, I wanted to peek my head out today to connect with you before we close for our annual holiday vacation.

Today I’m inviting you into my hibernation space, where I’m sharing on the podcast:

  • What’s alive for me now at the end of two (beyond!) challenging years
  • Some reflections after turning 40 last month
  • The form of exercise that has helped me the most (physically and emotionally)
  • Two self-care rituals I’m loving
  • What my new daily rhythm looks like (it’s not what you’d expect!)
  • Health breakthroughs for any woman undergoing an autoimmune or mystery illness
  • New frontiers in my work coming your way in 2018

This is a new way of sharing for me that feels a little unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and vulnerable. But I now know that those are indicators that I’m moving in the direction of living true to myself.


We’re closing for our annual holiday vacation this weekend and will return for a fresh, new year with you on January 3.

Oh! And there’s a fire burning in my belly about the new season on our podcast that I’ll share with you then to celebrate the opening of The SHE School 2018. It’s gonna be good….

I’m sending holiday blessings to each and every one of you– through any and everything that this season brings for you.

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