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#40 Why I Loved Wonder Woman

“If you choose to leave, you may never return,” her mother warned.

“Who will I be if I stay?” Diana replied.

And so begins Diana, Princess of the Amazon’s, Heroine’s Journey into the unknown to discover her true power.

On a recent Friday evening, I went to see Wonder Woman: Rise of the Warrior with one of my girlfriends. Throughout the movie I’d smile and lean over to whisper in her ear, “I LOVE this movie!”

And I know I’m not alone. Since Wonder Woman’s inception seventy-five years ago, she’s been the most beloved female superheroine of all time. Yet, after nearly a century, this is the first time she’s made her way to the big screen.

I believe this is a sign: We all not only need this archetype now, but we’re ready for her. She holds the golden key for us to courageously be a whole new kind of woman.

Today on the podcast I’m doing something a little differently. I’m sharing my take on the new movie, Wonder Woman.

This archetype of a wise, sensual warrior is precisely the one we’ll be exploring and tapping into this February in Thailand.

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