#38 Miscarriage, Infertility & Mothering without Children with Merryl Rothaus

When a woman owns her most harrowing life experiences deep in her bones, she becomes a gift to her community– and the world. And, yet, that process of deeply feeling, accepting, and learning from our hardships is both grizzly and grueling. It’s one that few women have the courage to endure, much less emerge from stronger and more free.

Merryl Rothaus is a testament to what’s possible for all of us when we say a full-bodied “Yes” to whatever darkness live hurls at us.

In this truth-telling conversation, Merryl and I discuss:

  • Hard truths that many women face around becoming single mothers when they’re not in a relationship and are nearing the end of their childbearing years
  • How she dealt with infertility struggles
  • How she lived through two second trimester miscarriages– one which ended in a 16-hour at-home labor
  • What happened when she became outraged at the Divine
  • How she has made peace with being a “Mother without Children,” and the fire in her belly to raise awareness around this unrecognized population of women
  • Ways to stay connected with your loved ones after they pass through honoring the wild wisdom of grief in your daily life

Merryl’s the real deal. And she’s brave enough to speak out about experiences that would otherwise remain occluded in shame and cultural shadow.

Visit Merryl’s website here: www.merrylrothaus.com

Heartbreak comes into our lives like an unwelcome stranger, robbing us of who we are. Our dignity, our dreams, our self-confidence can all be gone in a flash. Yet heartbreak offers a secret message, too–a passageway to a deeper, wiser us. Heartbreak can unlock the secret to our unique spiritual unfolding, but we have to be willing to follow its mysterious, painful path.

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