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#8 Cultivating Worthiness with Nicole Jardim

Nicole and I met a few years ago when I first offered my online immersion, Reversing Our “Curse.” We are both devoted to helping women heal and live in harmony with their menstrual cycles, seeing our periods as important barometers for the state of our souls. In today’s SHE Story, Nicole opens up about how disoriented and tender she feels, now at the tail-end of a 5-year relationship. She shares how challenges with her mother during childhood urged her to devote her life to empowering women, how she overcame a constant feeling of unworthiness, and her favorite tools for coming back to her “spiritual center” in the midst of uncomfortable times.

Nicole Jardim is a Young Women’s Hormonal Health Coach who runs a successful 1-on-1 and group coaching business and has helped thousands of women from all around the world who are struggling with PCOS, infertility, amenorrhea, PMS and much more. Rather than treating problems or symptoms, Nicole treats women by addressing the root cause of what’s really going on in their bodies and minds. She passionately believes that the fundamentals to healing any hormonal imbalance lie in an approach that addresses the unique physiology of every woman. Visit Nicole online at

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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